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An open letter from the founder of Nazar
Monday July 25th, 2022 08:00

The Glasses Case Battery Bank as seen on - Yanko Design

You take off your glasses to put on your sunglasses and you pause, you realize you don't have a glasses case to store your glasses.

You remember you used to have one. It came with the sunglasses, but it broke after like a month. At the time you, thought that was weird, since the sunglasses weren’t cheap and the company that made them is pretty well-known and reputable.

But right now, you can’t do much. So you shrug, stick the glasses in your bag, and maybe wrap them in a napkin to make sure the lenses don’t get scratched, hoping they don’t get crushed. 

Yeah, I know the napkin trick. I’ve been wearing glasses now for 24 years since I was five years old. Back in 2017 I was looking to buy a new glasses case, so I did what everyone does. I went on Amazon and began searching. After browsing a bit, I searched up “Glasses Case Battery Bank”.

At the time, I was a field engineer on a project to install Wi-Fi in the NYC subway. I used my phone to take a lot of field notes and pictures, and inevitably my phone used to die. EVERY. FRIGGIN. DAY. I was in the market for a battery bank and a glasses case, and I was certain this combination was so obvious that someone had already made it. I mean, people had built battery banks into jackets, luggage and even pots (seriously look: Power Pot). Surely someone had noticed that battery banks were about the same shape and size as glasses cases and combined them. 


I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. I liked the idea of being able to keep my glasses safe while also always having a charger for my phone. Carrying a battery bank always seemed like such a drag, but if it was multipurpose, it wouldn’t be so bad. Five years later I’m ready to share the Glasses Case Battery Bank with you. 

I worked with a designer who’d worked with Coach, Tumi, Alexander Wang, Herman Miller, and a list of names I still can’t believe.

I selected the highest-grade materials to build it.

And I’ve decided to build it right here in the United States.

Here’s the thing though, you can’t buy it. Why not? Because we don’t have the money to mass produce it, and our design of internal battery electronics isn’t completed. Don’t worry this isn’t where the story of The Glasses Case Battery Bank ends. See, we’re going to crowd-fund the Glasses Case Battery Bank on Kickstarter. What does that mean in plain speak? It means we bring our idea on the website Kickstarter.com, and supporters like you give us the money to bring it to life. If we meet our funding goal, you get a Glasses Case Battery Bank. 

Now, the data shows that the most successful Kickstarter campaigns are the ones people know about before launch. Here’s where you come in. If you’re interested in supporting us, just drop your e-mail below, and when it comes time to launch we’ll ping you. That’s it, no spam no cluttering your inbox, none of that headache. 

I created this product originally because I had a need, and it wasn’t being met. Companies like Luxottica (Rayban’s parent company) generate billions of dollars annually in revenue but they keep on selling products that fall apart. 

I can’t compete with that alone, even if the idea of a Glasses Case Battery Bank is a great one. I need the support of people who care about quality, other wise this is just another webpage cluttering up the internet. 

I plan on launching the Kickstarter Campaign for the Glasses Case Battery Bank when our email list reaches 10,000 e-mails. That’s all I need from you right now if you’re interested, your e-mail address. 

So if you like the idea, if you see the vision, and you want to support a new business with big ideas drop your e-mail. 

Over time, larger companies lose their way. When that happens it falls on smaller companies like us, and people like you to reset things. We’ve seen it when: 

• Tesla and their customer’s reset the car industry
• When the iPod (believe it or not Apple was not a juggernaut when the iPod came out) woke up the audio player industry 
• Netflix changed streaming forever

And today, Nazar is bringing that same energy to the stale glasses case, but without your help the battle is over before it even begins. I hope to get your email, and if you'd like to reach me personally, you can hit me at contact@nazar.nyc or just DM any of our social media accounts (links in footer), I manage them all personally. 

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