Glasses Cases Suck

They're cheaply made

And they all fall apart

How is it that even the world's greatest glasses company hasn't updated their design in over 90 years?





Phone companies: "We know how important your phone is to you, so we've made sure there are many high quality case options out there"

Glasses companies: "We understand you wanna protect the glasses that give you sight, so how about we give you a free case that'll fall apart in a month and we call it a day?"

Let's just say we had different ideas on what a glasses case could be

Introducing the world's greatest glasses case

A glasses case made with premium luxury materials

Like Italian Calfskin leather

and Japanese Ultrasuede®

A glasses case they should have made a long time ago

A Glasses Case Battery Bank

It's exactly what it sounds like

A Glasses Case

That's also a Battery Bank

Glasses Case Battery Bank
"A Stop Motion Film"

"Hello, World!"

"Wanna see a trick?"

"You can collapse me to be just a slim battery bank"


..expand me to carry those sweet shades"



Our battery bank is being custom made just for the Glasses Case Battery Bank.

The Glasses Case Battery Bank will have a capacity of 4000 mAh

To get everything just right we've been working with...

An engineering firm with over 15 years experience and a formidable client list
visit them at

The Glasses Case Battery Bank design was finalized and perfected by a literal master

Master Leather Craftsman
Bennett Liberty bought over 50 years of experience to the Glasses Case Battery Bank

along with his knowledge from working with clients like

Now it's no secret that in the last few years the world changed

Pandemic, Supply Chain Issues, Inflation, Economic troubles

Historic times like ours set the stage for change

5 Years ago a company like Nazar would have gone to China to manufacture

But it's not 5 years ago

So it is with great pleasure that we announce we will be doing all of our manufacturing in Canada and the
United States of America

Now you're probably thinking

American made

Luxury Product

Italian Calfskin Leather

Custom designed electronics

It's a great idea but I'm not gonna pay their ridiculous price of like $500

Guess What? You aren't gonna pay even half of that

The Glasses Case Battery Bank is going to retail at $180, but guess what?

Since we're launching on Kickstarter you're not gonna pay retail price

Cause on Kickstarter you're not a customer, you're a backer. You see the vision and you support us with your money.

The Nazar Glasses Case Battery Bank is coming to Kickstarter for the low price of......


Interested? Joining our mailing list is the first step to getting a Glasses Case Battery Bank

Here's why, the Glasses Case Battery Bank is a product that is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. What does that mean? It means we've created a few prototypes, but in order to bring it to life and sell it to the masses we're going on a crowdfunding site where people like you who are interested give us money to make it. We set a funding goal, and if with your help we meet that goal we ship out a Glasses Case Battery Bank to you. Kickstarter campaigns that have a following are much more likely to succeed. We won't spam your inbox to death, we'll just ping you a day before the campaign or the morning of to remind you to give your support.

Help us bring you the world's greatest glasses case. The Glasses Case Battery Bank

The first 500 people to sign up will get an additional 10% off the ridiculously low price of $99

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